Jalyn Tani Lang, Personal Stylist
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1. Don’t become a fashion victim. Update your wardrobe to be current without being trendy.

2. A sale item begs two questions: would I pay full price and what will I wear with it?

3. Always have impeccable shoes and handbags. They can make or break an outfit.

4. Think about cost per wearing. Clothes you wear frequently deserve 
to be investment pieces. Spend less on evening wear.

5. Mantra: I will strive for quality over quantity.

6. A good foundation for any outfit starts with bras that fit and flatter and underpants that don’t show.

7. Seek the perfect fit. Looser clothes that skim and contour your body are more slimming than tight clothes.

8. Choose dark neutrals as the backbone of your core wardrobe.

9. Dress for your body type and your age. Just because it looks fabulous on the runway  doesn’t mean you should own it.

10. Be confident because you’ve paid attention to these easy steps, and you look your best!