Jalyn Tani Lang, Personal Stylist
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Anja P., Fine Homes Realtor in the East Bay:

“Regardless of what your stylistic direction or budget is, Jay is an invaluable resource in helping optimize your look and boosting your confidence. From high fashion to value shopping, Jay is extremely versatile and savvy. She knows just how to attain the look that best fits your style (and budget) and she does so with fun, energy and enthusiasm. Although she is not tied to a certain "look" and always works towards the objectives of her clients, her fashion sense is spot on and very "now" - her creativity manages to take you just to the right edge of your personal "comfort zone" without ever creating the feeling you you are being pushed too far. It is pure fun! Once you begin working with Jay, she has an almost photographic memory of your entire closet and helps direct you to just the right pieces and prices, keeping your entire wardrobe and combinations in mind.

Contrary to what you might expect, she actually saves you money and time while improving your look! Whereas I used to spend hours scouring stores in the past or making spontaneous (wrong ) purchases, I now spend less money on clothes and love every piece in my closet. If you are busy (like me) and do not have time to do all the leg work and if you appreciate someone else's finely tuned eye and creativity, Jay is a great resource! You will love working with her!"

Editor in Chief of a San Francisco Magazine:

“While putting the clothes in my closet from our second shopping trip, I had a great realization — Jalyn is helping me find my style. This shirt and this dress are my favorite color. This skirt flows just the way I like. Jalyn helps you discover a way to look better in the world, and she bases it on you — your preferences, your body type, and your budget. It's a gift."


Paula, College Professor:

“Working with Jalyn has given me so much confidence in my appearance. It started with the closet audit: with Jalyn’s encouragement I purged two thirds of my wardrobe after realizing how much was either out of style, unflattering, or looked tired and worn out. Jalyn has an amazing talent for assessing your body type and figuring out exactly how clothing can best enhance your figure. I was left with a smaller wardrobe of up-to-date, stylish items that are flattering and make me feel great. Within just a few hours I learned so much about which lines and cuts to look for when I shop, and I’ve received so many compliments since.

I recently hired Jalyn to help me to update my Fall wardrobe, and again, this is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. She pre-shopped based on a “wish list” she created after my closet audit. I arrived to a dressing room full of beautiful clothes that not only fit perfectly, but made me feel stylish and sexy. I purchased many “staple” items that can transition between special occasions, work, travel, and weekend outings, and I’ve never felt better about how I look. Thank you, Jalyn!

Janice, Writer:

“My closet was like my clothes:  jarring to the eye, inefficient, hard to manage, nothing to look at. It took Jalyn three hours to fix my clothes. Out with the old, in with the new: colors I had never thought of, styles that create a waist and shrink hips, pieces friendly to each other like a square dance where everything do-si-dos happily together. The old clothes went to Goodwill. The new clothes went into the old closet. It was like the Mark Knophler song where the farmer brings a beautiful bride home to a funky cabin and worries that she might leave from the shock of it all. So I had to get a new closet. The new closet cost three times what Jalyn's clothes cost, but that's OK. I go and stand there many times a day, gazing at the colors, thinking “Oh, this would look good with that” or “It's either this one or that one for Saturday night.” My new clothes deserved it.” 



“I wore one of the ensembles you put together for me today, and received no fewer than six complements on my outfit! That doesn't count my husband telling me three times that I looked nice. I felt great, thank you so much for your help."


C.H., San Francisco, CA

"I am (was, before Jalyn) one of those people with a closet filled with expensive stuff yet who never had anything to wear! I had always fantasized about finding a personal shopper/stylist but it felt like too much of an extravagance. Then I found myself on the verge of starting a new higher-profile job with 20 extra lbs from a new baby and truly absolutely nothing to wear. After doing a lot of research on Yelp and the Golden Gate Mother's Group, I decided to contact Jalyn. Honestly, I was pretty nervous that I would either end up wasting a lot of money that I would have preferred to spend on the clothes instead of "help," or end up looking nothing like myself. Neither of those things happened with Jalyn. Instead, she turned out to be an incredible combination of grace, intelligence, style, humor, kindness and professionalism. Not only did I enjoy every second I spent with her, she helped me build a beautiful, completely functional (yet streamlined) wardrobe that 3 months later (and even as I have lost most of that baby-weight) is still working hard for me. In a nutshell: Jalyn knows her stuff, she's realistic and can work within any budget (she was equally good with bargain and investment pieces), she shops FAST and she truly cares about you. Call her - you won't regret it!"


"As I write this note, I am already tingling with anticipation about our next shopping/pampering adventure together! Since you so graciously took me under your wing, I have a new spring in my step. It's amazing how many compliments I'm fielding from friends and complete strangers on my new "look"! (My favorite one the "You look great! Have you lost weight?") You are a gift to me as a new mom looking to emerge from my mommy cocoon. I never really noticed fashion before. I could tell on some basic level whether or not something fit, but I didn't realize that fashion was fun! Thank you! You are fabulous and I'm lucky to know you!"

Liz W. Garcia, Hollywood Screenwriter:

“When I sought out Jalyn, it was because I was interested in cultivating a more sophisticated, edgy look out of my super-girly wardrobe. Within a half hour of meeting with her, I knew I'd made the right decision. The closet audit alone was spectacular. She effectively quadrupled my wardrobe without a single new purchase. I feel so excited about getting up each morning, knowing that all my problem pieces now have matching tops, my favorite pants can be worn into the summer and those cords that always haunted me with their bulky thighs are on their way to the thrift store where they belong. The shopping experience was incredibly efficient – Jalyn knows the right designers for my body type. And most importantly, never during over ten hours of trying on clothes did I have a body-image meltdown. Jalyn has an incredibly positive, progressive view of female beauty and she made me feel lucky to have more curves than the stick-y salesgirls!”

Christine, CPA:

“Jalyn is amazing. She came into my house and then not only changed my closet, but my life and my outlook. Like every woman I know, some days I feel like I have nothing to wear and just want to get rid of everything I own and just start over again. But with Jalyn’s guidance and inspiration, I realized I already own great clothes that I can mix and match. She put outfits together from my closet that I would never ever have thought to put together. Then she gave me a list of things to look out for to enhance my wardrobe. That’s been fun because now I have something in mind when I go shopping. I love what she did for me but even more, I love her as a person. I think every woman needs Jalyn to help her with her wardrobe because she makes you feel beautiful, elegant, and sexy.

I will recommend her to anyone who wants to look and feel great with clothes they already own without having to go on a diet!”

Stanford Student & Former Intern for Hillary Clinton:

“Although I love clothes, I am sensitive about my figure. I am aware of what style I like — and even the latest trends that I find appealing — but I have a hard time figuring out what suits me. Almost immediately, Jalyn was able to tap into my current style and then identify areas where she could push me in a new direction. The new styles and colors that she encourages me to try and put together usually end up being my favorites!

Jalyn is efficient. After an effortless initial phone call, she does pre-shopping that makes the actual shopping day smooth sailing. We systematically walk through each store, and after only a few hours I have found everything I’m looking for! And in addition to the productive shopping, a day with Jalyn is fun, relaxing, and an absolutely enjoyable experience.”

Tricia, Business Coach and Hypnotherapist:

“After working with Jalyn I feel like an entirely new person — much lighter and focused and confident! Jalyn helped me visualize and ‘claim’ how I want to see myself in the world now. It was extremely powerful!”


Lauren, Violinist:

“In the world of style, Jalyn is like a great conductor, creating beautiful music out of chaos.”


San Francisco Biotech Executive:

“I get overwhelmed by all the choices and [Jalyn] really saves me time and angst by helping me see what looks good on me as well as keeping me up to date with fashion that works for me (something I never have time to do by myself).”


Jennifer, Research Associate for Biotech Firm:

“Jalyn helped me to realize what a great sence of style I already had! Now I have a better idea of what I need to add to my wardrobe, although I think she was the perfect addition.”

Hana, Consultant, Biopharmaceuticals

“When I contacted Jalyn following reading an article about her services in the San Francisco Chronicle, I expected to find an understanding soul. Not only is she that, she is also very honest and hard working in trying to turn the likes of me into a stylish person. I could not have prepared for my son's wedding, various business trips and getting myself organized without her. Thank you, Jalyn.”


Robin, Homemaker and Chef:

“I can’t think you enough for helping me enhance my wardrobe and appearance in so many wonderful ways. You put the shine in my smile! I really appreciate all you do for me.”


Andrea Nelson, Urban Planner:

“Thank you again for your love and kindness and encouragement on the new me. I love my new clothes. It has taken me a while to be ok with having spent so much on myself but every day I feel good and beautiful, it helps me feel wonderful.”